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Phrenic was first played on NTS on 20 May 2016. Songs played include Mischa ($tinkworx Italo Mix).

Phrenic are 3 independent producers, from the underground dance scene, who have come together to set the dance floor alight with their no-compromise organic electronic music.

They are a self contained unit, working on music for games, films, and remixes with an edge.

‘Live’ work is where Phrenic are in their element, performing sets composed from their own catalogue, at underground festivals, free parties and clubs.

With 3 album releases already currently on iTunes: V1 Black Tribal and V2 White Techno & V3 White Powder Gold plus the unmixed versions suitable…

Mischa ($tinkworx Italo Mix)
Phrenic ($tinkworx mix)
Rush Hour Recordings2008
Mischa ($tinkworx Italo Mix)
Phrenic ($tinkworx mix)Rush Hour Recordings2008