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Renato Carosone

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Renato Carosone

Renato Carosone has been played on NTS shows including RADIOOOOO.COM , with 'O Sarracino first played on 15 June 2016.

Renato Carosone was born in Naples on January 3, 1920. He is know as the symbol of the “canzone napoletana” in the whole world. He made the whole world sing, dance, have fun, dream, fall in love with his innate good humor and his music. Including China.

A fantastic and passionate Naples characterized his youth. A Naples full of laughs and poetry ruled by irony and comedy, where everything is between the dream world and reality.

Upon visiting Italy, Goethe once said “Naples is a place where…

'O Sarracino
Renato Carosone
'O Sarracino
Renato CarosoneCBS1975