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Nilla Pizzi

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Nilla Pizzi

Nilla Pizzi has been played on NTS shows including RADIOOOOO.COM , with Grazie Dei Fiori first played on 15 June 2016.

At eighteen years, Nilla Pizzi peaks the competition Cinquemila Liras for a smile wins, indetto from a newspaper and standard-bearer of the competition for Miss Italy. In the meantime already he has married himself with I guide Peaks, a building young person manovale that, although you carry its same last name, is not its relative. The wedding, accomplice the war that separates the brace, does not work. But Nilla has found however its road. Between 1940 and 1941 begin to sing in the shows…

Grazie Dei Fiori
Nilla Pizzi
Grazie Dei Fiori
Nilla PizziAlpharecord1993