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A Witness

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A Witness

A Witness has been played on NTS shows including Blackest Ever Black, with Lucky In London first played on 28 March 2017.

A Witness were an alternative rock band formed in 1982 in Stockport, Cheshire, England, by Rick Aitken, Vince Hunt and a drum machine, in 1986 replaced by Alan Brown (ex Big Flame). Keith Curtis and Noel Kilbride joined the group in 1983.

Initially signing to the Ron Johnson label, debut EP Loudhailer Songs put them at the forefront of a wave of Beefheart-influenced bands that emerged in the mid-1980's. They gained further attention due to the inclusion of the track "Sharpened Sticks" on the…

Lucky In London
A Witness
Ron Johnson Records1985
Lucky In London
A WitnessRon Johnson Records1985