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The Odd Numbers

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The Odd Numbers

The Odd Numbers has been played on NTS shows including Skate Muzik, with So Many Girls first played on 9 June 2017.

The Odd Numbers are a mod rock band founded in 1988 and based in California. They are best known for having their music used in a few skateboarding videos in the nineties, most notably a few of the early New Deal videos. Their songs were used for a large portion of the score of “Useless Wooden Toys”, New Deal’s first video.

Dave Baisa(guitar, vocals), Dave Miller(bass), John Cummings(drums).

Major Releases:

1) About Time [1990] 2) Retrofitted for Today [1994] 3) Jazz Cigarettes(singles comp) [1996] 4) A…

So Many Girls
The Odd Numbers
Munster Records1996
So Many Girls
The Odd NumbersMunster Records1996