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Michael Adamis

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Michael Adamis

Michael Adamis has been played on NTS in shows including Don't Trip w/ Margarita, featured first on 17 July 2017. Songs played include Metallika Glypta III.

Michael Adamis was born in Piraieus, Greece, on 19.5.1929. A graduate of Theology at the University of Athens, he completed his studies in both Western (composition with Y.A. Papaioannou) and Byzantine music, and pursued advanced studies in Composition, Electroacoustic music and Byzantine music paleography at Brandeis University in Boston, MA.

Renowned as a major composer of his generation, Adamis has been repeatedly commissioned by international festivals and cultural organizations and his works are widely performed and broadcasted. His choral pieces…

Metallika Glypta III
Michael Adamis
Creel Pone2006
Metallika Glypta III
Michael AdamisCreel Pone2006