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Isaac Schankler

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Isaac Schankler

Isaac Schankler has been played on NTS shows including Tafelmusik w/ Francesco Fusaro, with Alien Warp Etude first played on 15 August 2017.

Isaac Schankler's: Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Informal bio:

Composer, pianist, accordionist, and electronic musician. Most of my time is split between writing concert music and writing music for indie video games, and I'm especially interested in the interaction between popular and experimental forms. Recent projects include soundtracks for critically acclaimed games (Analogue: A Hate Story, Depression Quest), an award-winning electroacoustic chamber opera (Light and Power), collaborations with video artists (Sonderbauten, Blocking the Exits), and live performances with software and hardware for human-computer improvisation…

Alien Warp Etude
Isaac Schankler
Alien Warp Etude
Isaac SchanklerMicrofest2013