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Rob Symeonn

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Rob Symeonn

Rob Symeonn has been played on NTS shows including Hackney Carnival 2017 w/ Carhartt WIP, with Delilah first played on 10 September 2017.

Rob Symeonn made his debut as a singer for the One Love International Sound System. From there, he steadily built a following among Caribbean reggae fans in New York. It was while he was honing his skills at Freedom International and Macca Bee Sound Systems that he first met and worked with fellow Easy Star recording artist Ruff Scott in 1986; Rob and Ruff have collaborated countless times since then.

His first single on Easy Star Records, "Anything for Jah," released in 1997,…

Rob Symeonn, Ranking Joe
Most Wanted, Easy Star Records1998
Rob Symeonn, Ranking JoeMost Wanted, Easy Star Records1998