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Knights Of The Turntables

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Knights Of The Turntables

Knights Of The Turntables has been played on NTS in shows including SOS Radio w/ Sofie, featured first on 24 September 2017. Songs played include We Are The Knights.

Founded in 1983, the hip-hop crew Knights of the Turntables based their name on the title of the Cameo album, "Knights of the Soundtable". Lil Rockin G was influenced by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five and The Breakout Crew which lived in his neighborhood in New York. Then he moved to Los Angeles and first made his name as a DJ in Banning Highschool (Wilmington). There he met C-Brez, Curtis, and Madmixer RMG. Curtis worked…

We Are The Knights
The Knights Of The Turntables
JDC Records1984
We Are The Knights
The Knights Of The TurntablesJDC Records1984