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The Creepers

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The Creepers

The Creepers has been played on NTS in shows including Mogwai , featured first on 26 September 2017. Songs played include Baby's On Fire.

There are four bands known as The Creepers: 1). The Creepers were an English rock music group, formed in Manchester, UK in 1982, originally as Marc Riley & The Creepers. Guitarist/keyboardist Riley was booted out of the Fall in 1982, reportedly over an unseemly penchant for pop. His prolific output as a solo artist and bandleader, however, only slightly warrants such categorization. Although Riley shares his former group's taste for deadpan vocals and distorted guitar and keyboard sounds, freed of Mark E….

Baby's On Fire
The Creepers
In Tape1986
Baby's On Fire
The CreepersIn Tape1986