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Toni Childs

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Toni Childs

Toni Childs has been played on NTS in shows including All About Our Love w/ Harriet Brown, featured first on 13 October 2017. Songs played include Walk And Talk Like Angels.

Toni Childs was born in Orange, California, but was moved to several small towns in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nevada during her childhood. At the age of 15, Childs ran away from home and became a blues musician. In 1972, Childs saw Pink Floyd in concert, and afterwards decided to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter. Childs joined the band Berlin in 1979, but left to form her own group before the recording of…

Walk And Talk Like Angels
Toni Childs
A&M Records1988
Walk And Talk Like Angels
Toni ChildsA&M Records1988