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Hose Got Cable

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Hose Got Cable

Hose Got Cable was first played on NTS on 13 October 2017. Songs played include Chevy Chase, Motherfucker. was a highly influencial band from Richmond, VA active from december of 1992 to november of 1995. The band appeared on two compilations (‘All The President’s Men’ and ‘Dixie Flatline’), released two 7-inches (one of them, ‘Antidisestablishmentarianismesque’ being a double) and recorded a full-lenght entitled ‘Majesty’ before breaking up.

The original lineup was as follows: guitar/vocals - Chris Wade guitar/vocals - John Partin bass - John Peters drums - John Skaritza

HGC gained notoriety for incorporating math-rock elements into their songs moving away from the oh-so-popular emo trend. Just like their…

Chevy Chase, Motherfucker
Tenderizer Records1994
Chevy Chase, Motherfucker
Hose.Got.CableTenderizer Records1994