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Serve Chilled

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Serve Chilled

Serve Chilled has been played on NTS in shows including Leila Samir , featured first on 29 October 2017. Songs played include Eve's Theme.

There are at least four artistes/acts with the name 'Serve Chilled'.

Serve Chilled were a handsome foursome from Glasgow that hit their peak in the early nineties. Sadly the members of this rock/blues combo went their separate ways in order to pursue 'real' jobs. A much-requested reunion in June 2006 was marred somewhat by the absence of bass player Billy 'I've got more important things to do than play with you bunch of losers' Christie. However, the old magic was still in…
Eve's Theme
Serve Chilled
Warp Records1993
Eve's Theme
Serve ChilledWarp Records1993