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Pirates Of The Mississippi

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Pirates Of The Mississippi

Pirates Of The Mississippi has been played on NTS in shows including Country Hayride, featured first on 17 December 2017. Songs played include Feed Jake (Live).

Pirates of the Mississippi is an American country music duo composed of guitarist/vocalist Rich Alves and lead singer Bill McCorvey. They are both founding members of the re-established group, which began in 1987 as a five-piece band; completing the original lineup were drummer Jimmy Lowe, steel guitarist Pat Severs, and bass guitarist Dean Townson.

Under this five-piece lineup, Pirates of the Mississippi made its national debut in 1990 with a cover of Hank Williams' "Honky Tonk Blues"; a #26 hit…

Feed Jake (Live)
Pirates Of The Mississippi
Giant Records1995
Feed Jake (Live)
Pirates Of The MississippiGiant Records1995