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Sylvester Levay

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Sylvester Levay

Sylvester Levay has been played on NTS shows including Radio Jiro, with The Fight Is On first played on 27 June 2016.

Sylvester Levay began his musical studies at the age of eight. Upon his arrival in Munich in 1972, he met his writing partner, Michael Kunze, with whom he has created many successful theatrical works. From 1980 to 2000 he lived in Hollywood and concentrated on composing film music. He currently divides his time between homes in Munich, Vienna and Los Angeles. Married for 25 years, he and his wife Monika have a daughter, Alice, and a son, Sylvester Jr.

At the age of 15,…

The Fight Is On
Sylvester Levay
Varèse Sarabande1987
The Fight Is On
Sylvester LevayVarèse Sarabande1987