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La Nopalera

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La Nopalera

La Nopalera has been played on NTS shows including Organic Music Tokyo w/ Chee Shimizu, with Te Recuerdo Amanda first played on 17 January 2018.

La nopalera literally means nopal bush. Nopal is and edible species of cactus, very common and representative of Mexican culture and diet. “La Nopalera” is one of the most talented mexican groups that formed during the 70′s. Under the flag of the “nuevo canto” movement (revolutionary and social oriented music, also called “protest music” genre) this jazz-fusion group gave birth to a number of other groups a few years later and it was led by Arturo Cipriano. Interpreting latin rythms…

Te Recuerdo Amanda
La Nopalera
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Te Recuerdo Amanda
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