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Alfredo Rodriguez

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Alfredo Rodriguez

Alfredo Rodriguez has been played on NTS shows including Bump City w/ Billy Goods , with Dicelo Patato first played on 20 January 2018.

Alfredo was born in 1948 to a loving home in downtown Miami. Alfredo developed his musical passion from his father, Sassy Rodriguez who later left his mother and Alfredo in 1961.

His mother could not find work, and abandoned Alfredo at a cem-orphange where he met the likes of, Bebo Valdes. There contempory 'cuban' fusion was met at first with a strong dislike, but as the revolution roared on his music become the cornerstone of LA's downtroden and underpriveleged.

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Dicelo Patato
Alfredo Rodriguez
Dicelo Patato
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