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Life After Death

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Life After Death

Life After Death has been played on NTS shows including Hollow Points Radio, with Victim Of Society (LP) first played on 19 January 2018.

Life After Death is a hardcore band from Northern Indiana formed in April of 2011. It features ex-members of Iceberg and Karloff. Life After Death released an EP entitled "Respect is Collected" in May of 2011. They released their full length "Scum of Society Forever" in February of 2012.

Life After Death is a Los Angeles based band formed in early 1990 by Phil Sandoval, Gonzo Sandoval (both ex-Armored Saint), Ray Burke (ex-Warrior, Rob Rock and Forever) and Jack Emrick…

Victim Of Society (LP)
Life After Death
Bull Dog Records1995
Victim Of Society (LP)
Life After DeathBull Dog Records1995