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Larkin Grimm

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Larkin Grimm

Larkin Grimm has been played on NTS in shows including Image Search, featured first on 31 January 2018. Songs played include Today Was Warm.

Larkin Grimm (born in Memphis, Tennessee, on 18 September 1981) is an American singer-songwriter and musician currently based in Providence, RI)

Though born in Memphis, TN, in a religious order called Holy Order of MANS, Grimm grew up in Dahlonega, Georgia, in the foothills of the Appalachians with a family of singers and fiddlers.

Harpoon, her debut CD, reflects these rustic influences through a modern, psychedelic filter. Larkin's intense, ecstatic voice with swirling multi-tracked patterns recalls the richness of Illuminations-period Buffy…

Today Was Warm
Larkin Grimm
Sloow Tapes2006
Today Was Warm
Larkin GrimmSloow Tapes2006