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Los Angeles

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles has been played on NTS shows including Annabel Fraser, with L´amour first played on 17 March 2018.

LOS ANGELES presents the shining talents of Michele Luppi: an Italian amazing singer who cut his teeth at the VIT Los Angeles, with Robin Randall (co-writer of hits for FM, Mark Free, James Christian etc) as one of his musical coaches.

Upon his return to Italy, he gathered considerable experience having the opportunity to sing alongside some of the most important national and international artists, including: Maurizio Solieri, Andrea Braido, Umberto Tozzi, Glenn Hughes and Ian Paice of Deep Purple.

Strong in a singing style, which has become…

Los Angeles
Freeride Millenium, Pauls Musique2018
Los AngelesFreeride Millenium, Pauls Musique2018