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Food Of The Gods

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Food Of The Gods

Food Of The Gods was first played on NTS on 20 March 2018. Songs played include Boy From Brazil.

Food Of The Gods is Thomas Bullock of Map Of Africa/ARE Weapons, with Mito Hatori of Cibo Matto on vocals, plus a supergroup of percussive warriors including DJ Harvey. The percussive army beats out a whimsical and progressively lazy beat, melding Brazilian jungle-penthouse rhythms with plumes of pea-green weed smoke all dynamically lit from lighting rigs set up on the tropical beaches of Venus. Mito takes her vocal cue from the swaying Venusian palm trees and adds copious amounts of abstract diction so everything sounds fittingly…

Boy From Brazil
Food Of The Gods
Whatever We Want Records2008
Boy From Brazil
Food Of The GodsWhatever We Want Records2008