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Erdal Erzincan

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Erdal Erzincan

Erdal Erzincan has been played on NTS shows including Erased Tapes, with Daldalan Barı first played on 16 April 2018.

In Turkey, Erdal Erzincan is often considered the most outstanding exponent of the Anatolian tradition. He has worked extensively with baglama legend Arif Sağ and performed with him around the world. Erdal Erzincan was born in Erzumrum in 1971, and at an early age became deeply interested in the region's folk music. Introduced to the bağlama, he moved to Istanbul in 1985 to take lessons at the Arif Sag Music School. While studying at the Istanbul Technical University in the late 1980s he began to…

Daldalan Barı
Kayhan Kalhor, Erdal Erzincan
ECM Records2013
Daldalan Barı
Kayhan Kalhor, Erdal ErzincanECM Records2013