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The Celestials

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The Celestials

The Celestials has been played on NTS shows including Diddy Wah, with No Money Down first played on 16 April 2018.

The Celestials are an American band formed in 2008 currently consisting of members Max Keena, Mike Elliot, John Winter, Keir Allison-Bourne. Originally from Fairfax, Virginia, The Celestials relocated to Olympia, Washington adding new members along the way. Often described as experimental, shoegaze, indie, olympia rock with electronic influences. Releases include Happier Robotics (2008), Jamais Vu in Color (2011), Peninsula in a Peninsula (2012), Peach Noise (2014) and Bubbles of our Youth (2016).

Releases can be found on

No Money Down
Lloyd Williams, Celestials
The Wasp0
No Money Down
Lloyd Williams, CelestialsThe Wasp0