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Jeans Team

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Jeans Team

Jeans Team has been played on NTS shows including NTS x SONOS: LOVE LETTERS TO BERLIN , with Keine Melodien first played on 13 April 2018.

Jeans Team start in 1995 as a duo constisting of Franz Schütte and Reimo Herford. They found the legendary GALERIE BERLINTOKYO in Berlin Mitte and play their first official shows. For these shows Reimo and Franz performed to a preproduced video, they act as the companion volume. The 45 minute video ‘Baby' (1996) is Jeans Team’s first release.

1997 Gunter Kreis and Henning Watkinson complete the band and the virtual company is needless. Now Jeans Team become a quartet of…

Keine Melodien
MJ Lan, Jeans Team (MJ Lan mix)
Kitty-Yo, EFA2000
Keine Melodien
MJ Lan, Jeans Team (MJ Lan mix)Kitty-Yo, EFA2000