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Ensemble Musique Vivante

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Ensemble Musique Vivante

Ensemble Musique Vivante has been played on NTS shows including OnoTesla, with Laborintus II first played on 21 April 2018.

Ensemble Musique Vivante is a modern classical ensemble founded by Diego Masson, renowned conductor and multi-instrumentalist, and son of French surrealist artist André Masson.

After studying composition at the Paris Conservatoire in the 1950s, Diego Masson quickly gravitated towards the burgeoning new music movement, performing percussion with Pierre Boulez at the Domaine Musical concerts in the late 1950s before moving into conducting.

Soon enough, Masson had formed Ensemble Musique Vivante, a group specializing in new music and the avant-garde and who, over a number of decades, have…

Laborintus II
Luciano Berio, Musique Vivante
RCA, Harmonia Mundi0
Laborintus II
Luciano Berio, Musique VivanteRCA, Harmonia Mundi0