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Phleg Camp

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Phleg Camp

Phleg Camp has been played on NTS in shows including OnoTesla, featured first on 21 April 2018. Songs played include Cut The Robe Shit.

Phleg Camp was a Canadian band whose music was clearly influenced by the Jesus Lizard, but whose stage show was not. One always felt very safe and secure at a Phleg Camp gig.

However, listening to the band's only full-length release, the Steve Albini produced Ya'red Fair Scratch, I can't help but notice how monstrously talented these guys were. Sean Dean, his bass deep and rumbling, hammered-out the foundation of the Phleg Camp sound--sloppy, confounding rhythm. Eric Chenaux, the guitarist/vocalist, added a…

Cut The Robe Shit
Phleg Camp
Allied Recordings1991
Cut The Robe Shit
Phleg CampAllied Recordings1991