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Betty Ford Boys

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Betty Ford Boys

Betty Ford Boys has been played on NTS shows including Midnight Marauders w/ Marshmello, with So Fine first played on 1 November 2014.

The Betty Ford Boys are the first hip-hop producer super group out of Germany, consisting of Suff Daddy, Dexter, and Brenk Sinatra. We call them the rat pack of our beat scene. With all diversity in sound, the three producers are unified in their love for dope beats and high-proof drinks, both catered and consumed with style and expertise.

Suff Daddy, the globetrotting gin connoisseur and minimoog player with domiciles in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Sydney. He has released three solo albums and has…

So Fine
Betty Ford Boys
Melting Pot Music2014
So Fine
Betty Ford BoysMelting Pot Music2014