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DJ Taj

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DJ Taj

DJ Taj has been played on NTS shows including Mixed Fruit w/ Eddie Jr. , with BBE Challenge (ft. Sliick & Lil E) first played on 28 March 2018.

A San Francisco native and DJ since 1991, DJ Taj emotes the artistic essence of the city's counterculture history. He has both a unique look and mixing style that garners significant attention. Coupled with his diversity is his passion and dedication to the art of being a musician. Hard work has led him to prestigious West Coast residencies with club brands Spundae, in San Francisco, and United State of Consciousness, in Seattle.

While maintaining these residencies for…

BBE Challenge (ft. Sliick & Lil E)
DJ Taj
Boiler Room2015
BBE Challenge (ft. Sliick & Lil E)
DJ TajBoiler Room2015