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The Tribe

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The Tribe

The Tribe has been played on NTS shows including Touching Bass w/ Errol, with Jungle Rock (Vocal) first played on 14 July 2018.

The Tribe was a post-apocalyptic television show from New Zealand, created by Raymond Thompson and Harry Duffin, produced by Cloud 9. It is set in a hypothetical near-future in which all adults have been wiped out by a deadly virus, leaving the children of the world to fend for themselves. The show's focus is on an unnamed city inhabited by tribes of children and teenagers.

During between the second/third seasons the cast of the Tribe released a soundtrack album entitled 'Abe Messiah' featuring…

Jungle Rock (Vocal)
The Tribe
Prelude Records1983
Jungle Rock (Vocal)
The TribePrelude Records1983