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Gigan has been played on NTS in shows including Re:Versed, featured first on 17 June 2013. Songs played include Krazy World.

The brainchild of left handed lead guitarist and founding member Eric Hersemann, GIGAN has been challenging the mortal laws of extreme music and creativity since early 2006. Forged in Tampa, Florida around the simple notion that the imagination should be art's only limit, GIGAN's style of creative delivery has simultaneously invoked reactions of amazement, disbelief, shock, awe and ultimately- respect.

GIGAN's first official release was in January 2007 under the guise of the "Footsteps of GIGAN" ep. While originally recorded with the purpose of being…

Krazy World
King Geedorah feat. Gigan
Big Dada Recordings2013
Krazy World
King Geedorah feat. GiganBig Dada Recordings2013