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Gvcci Hvcci

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Gvcci Hvcci

Gvcci Hvcci has been played on NTS in shows including Screwboss Radio , featured first on 12 July 2017. Songs played include Ghetto Ass Witch.

Gvcci Hvcci is a witch house / hip-hop / trap project related to the Coyote Gang collective Years active : 2011 - present Place : United States

Production : Nuggiez, Maxwell velocity (a.k.a. COp Magnet, a.k.a. Max Piff), Bug Eyes Collaborations : Ritualz, Sushi Mane, Alex Zander and BLACK KRAY,

Discography :

$wagged Out & $cuba Divin' Mixtape (22/12/2011) other songs :Mdrh, Guilty Pleasures, BULLET IN THE HEAD,THE DOLLARS,123, GRIM REAPER

Phoenix and Hatch are by the trap artist "Hucci" not Gvcci Hvcci.

Ghetto Ass Witch
Ritualz feat. Gvcci-Hvcci
Not On Label (Ritualz Self-released)2011
Ghetto Ass Witch
Ritualz feat. Gvcci-HvcciNot On Label (Ritualz Self-released)2011