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Mustafa Özkent

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Mustafa Özkent

Mustafa Özkent has been played on NTS shows including Latete Atoto, with Towards Tarabya first played on 21 September 2017.

"Turkish composer, arranger, and musician Mustafa Özkent was a lesser-known but significant figure on the Ankara music scene until his music belatedly found a receptive audience in the West more than four decades into his career. Özkent launched his career as a professional musician in 1960 as the leader of a Turkish pop group called the Teenagers (owing to the fact no one in the group was over the age of 19). A talented guitarist who was known to modify the design of his…

Towards Tarabya
Débruit feat. Mustafa Özkent
Towards Tarabya
Débruit feat. Mustafa ÖzkentICI2016