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Rocky Rivera

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Rocky Rivera

Rocky Rivera has been played on NTS in shows including Casual Play w/ Spinorita, featured first on 7 June 2018. Songs played include US.

Rocky Rivera is a Hip-Hop journalist by day, MC by night, who found international acclaim by winning a Contributing Editor position on MTV's docu-series "I'm From Rolling Stone" in 2007. After lacking inspiration in the literary world, she decided to finally pursue Hip-Hop as a participant, not only as an observer, and began to fill the void with thought-provoking music that you can dance to. (Think Lauryn Hill meets Public Enemy with West Coast beats) Her moniker and album theme…

Ruby Ibarra feat. Faith Santilla, Klassy, Rocky Rivera
Beatrock Music2017
Ruby Ibarra feat. Faith Santilla, Klassy, Rocky RiveraBeatrock Music2017