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Dormir has been played on NTS shows including Naomi, with In Pursuit (Cop Envy Remix) first played on 22 July 2018.

Dormir is an electronic duo from Tokyo, Japan consisting of composer Tomosuke Funaki (舟木智介) and vocalist crimm. Most of their work has been featured in Konami's series of arcade music games, known as their BEMANI games. Dormir first appeared in the BEMANI arcade game pop'n music 13 Carnival in 2004 with their song Ferris Wheel. Since then, they have continued to contribute songs to the pop'n music game series as well as other games in the BEMANI series such as DanceDanceRevolution, jubeat and REFLEC…

In Pursuit (Cop Envy Remix)
Dormir (Cop Envy mix)
Burning Rose, Pelvis Records2018
In Pursuit (Cop Envy Remix)
Dormir (Cop Envy mix)Burning Rose, Pelvis Records2018