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Suburb Beat

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Suburb Beat

Suburb Beat has been played on NTS in shows including Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red, featured first on 21 July 2018. Songs played include C'est La Vie (Joss Moog Rework).

Founded in 2009, the trio from Bordeaux joined the local Rock’Ords crew in 2010 to play some of the most turbulent clubs in the area, Hérétic Club, Bt59 and 4Sans. At the same time Suburb Beat started producing and remixing electro, fidget house and hip hop and their track Coco Bongo caught the eye of Bone Idle on Soundcloud.

C'est La Vie (Joss Moog Rework)
Suburb Beat (Joss Moog mix)
Ondulé Recordings2017
C'est La Vie (Joss Moog Rework)
Suburb Beat (Joss Moog mix)Ondulé Recordings2017