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Miracle Libido

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Miracle Libido

Miracle Libido has been played on NTS shows including Young, with VNS, Viklyouchayou Nervnuyou Sistemu first played on 5 January 2018.

Miracle Libido is an independent Russian music project, today he living in Moscow and being one of the most brisk figures of well-known creative association RAD. Throughout two last years he not only participated the most active image in process of formation of a domestic beats-scene, but also has made much that the genre became some kind of a trend, at all thus without forgetting and about own production, received a considerable quantity of positive responses from the outstanding figures of electronic beats-scene.…

VNS, Viklyouchayou Nervnuyou Sistemu
Miracle Libido
Terminal Dream2016
VNS, Viklyouchayou Nervnuyou Sistemu
Miracle LibidoTerminal Dream2016