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Bukky Leo & Black Egypt

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Bukky Leo & Black Egypt

Growing up in Lagos Nigeria, Bukky was spotted practising his first saxophone by the original Afro-beat drummer Tony Allen. He was immediately ushered into Tony's newly formed band. Bukky went on to play with the great Fela Kuti where the seeds of Afro-beat were being sown. After sometime in the band and under the influence of Tony Allen, Bukky decided to follow his own journey with his distinct style of Jazz and Afro-beat.

In 1982, Bukky's path led him to London, where he became one of the forerunners of the Acid-jazz scene. A young A&R man called Giles Peterson (Radio 1) signed him to the…

Bukky Leo & Black Egypt
Drift Recordings2016
Bukky Leo & Black EgyptDrift Recordings2016