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Eric North

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Eric North

Eric North was first played on NTS on 16 February 2018. Songs played include Total Destruction.

ERIC NORTH (also known as RIOTANGEL, a name he uses as his producer moniker), born August 22, 1999, is an American rapper and producer from Connecticut. He is a member of Anti-World and creator of DIVERSAUNIT. He's released 10 bodies of work as of May 2021. Eric describes his music as cybernetic, an umbrella term which encapsulates the glitchy sound in the majority of his vocal discography, ranging from experimental IDM to trap metal to electronic-alternative and more. He utilizes the likes of electric guitars, heavy drum kits, rap beats,…

Total Destruction
Eric North
Sahara Hardcore Records2018
Total Destruction
Eric NorthSahara Hardcore Records2018