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Post Scriptum

Post Scriptum has been played on NTS in shows including W.O.M. , featured first on 24 March 2018. Songs played include Human Timescales.

There are at least 7 bands called Post Scriptum:

1) Polish Thrash Metal band formed in 1991 in Kamienna Góra, Poland.

2) Techno Producer residing in Berlin. Recently released Post Scriptum 01 on his label Infrastructure NY. 3) Lithuanian pop music band.

4) Romanian jazz-rock fusion band.

5) Russian Melodic Death/Thrash/Metalcore band

6) Bosnian reggae band.

7) Death metal band from Pernik, Bulgaria, formed in 2000. Actually, one of the members is from Sofia, Bulgaria. Check out their official MySpace profile at

Human Timescales
Post Scriptum
Ostgut Ton2015
Human Timescales
Post ScriptumOstgut Ton2015