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Moon Mullican

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Moon Mullican

Moon Mullican has been played on NTS shows including Country Hayride, with I'll Sail My Ship Alone first played on 3 June 2018.

Aubrey Wilson Mullican (March 29, 1909 – January 1, 1967), known as Moon Mullican, was an American country and western singer, songwriter, and pianist. However, he also sang and played jazz, rock 'n' roll and the blues. He was associated with the hillbilly boogie style which greatly influenced rockabilly; Jerry Lee Lewis cited him as a major influence on his own singing and piano playing. Mullican once stated, "We gotta play music that'll make them goddamn beer bottles bounce on the table".

Moon was…

I'll Sail My Ship Alone
Moon Mullican
King Records1949
I'll Sail My Ship Alone
Moon MullicanKing Records1949