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Time Machine

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Time Machine

Time Machine has been played on NTS shows including You'll Soon Know w/ Tim Parker, with A Million And One Things To Do (Instrumental) first played on 23 August 2018.

(1) An Italian progmetal band

(2) An American hip-hop outfit

(1) Time Machine is the name of an Italian Progressive metal band formed in 1992. They've since released four studio albums and several EPs. For more information, see .

(2) Three longtime friends joined forces in late-summer 1999 in Washington, DC to form Time Machine. After completing the spontaneously crafted collaboration "Block Troopin'", emcees Jaysonic, raised in Miami, and New Yorker, Comel, along with Rhode…

A Million And One Things To Do (Instrumental)
Time Machine
R2 Records2003
A Million And One Things To Do (Instrumental)
Time MachineR2 Records2003