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J. Phlip

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J. Phlip

J.Phlip, known to most as Jess or Jessica Rose Phillippe, was completely ruined when she discovered house music in her hometown of Champaign, IL just 2 hours south of Chicago. This location might help describe the how or why behind the unique genre bending blend that Phlip brings to the dancefloor. Perhaps it was the proximity to Chicago that let house music make its influence, but the distance that allowed her the freedom to eventually welcome other sounds into her mix. Her sets posses this fun lets-not-forget-this-is-dance-music feeling and simultaneously keeps you guessing as to what might come next. Her collection spans house, tech…

J. Phlip, Chris Lorenzo
Safer At Night2014
J. Phlip, Chris LorenzoSafer At Night2014