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Sqad Up

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Sqad Up

Sqad Up has been played on NTS shows including Aqwea, with Gudda Be In Something Wide first played on 8 September 2018.

Could you imagine being introduced to the music industry through an affiliation to one of the top brands at the height of their dominance only to be cast out and blackballed by that same entity? What would you do if you were enticed into the world of rap with the promise of fame and fortune only to be pushed aside out of fear for what the potential of your shine meant to those running the situation? The 1st law of the 48 Laws…

Gudda Be In Something Wide
Lil Wayne, The Sqad
Not On Label (Sqad Up Self-released)2002
Gudda Be In Something Wide
Lil Wayne, The SqadNot On Label (Sqad Up Self-released)2002