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Lenard Lidell

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Lenard Lidell

Lenard Lidell has been played on NTS in shows including James Rene, featured first on 28 September 2018. Songs played include When You've Fallen Out Of Love.

Lenard started performing in churches and fellowship halls Southern California while still a toddler who needed to stand on chairs to reach the microphones when he sang. As he continued to perform he was recognized as an exiting soloist and begin appearing with church and community choirs. Some of his appearences were with Andre Crouch, Billy Preston and James Cleveland, to name a few, as well as the Triumphs of Los Angeles with whom he appeared as lead…

When You've Fallen Out Of Love
Lenard Lidell
Record Shack2016
When You've Fallen Out Of Love
Lenard LidellRecord Shack2016