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The Premiers

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The Premiers

The Premiers has been played on NTS in shows including Diddy Wah, featured first on 2 October 2017. Songs played include Get Your Baby.

There have been at least two bands named The Premiers.

A sixties Chicano garage rock band from San Gabriel, CA., United States ("Farmer John")

An American sixties rhythm & blues group that recorded for the Stax label ("Make It Me")

An American 1960's rockabilly group aka "The Premieres" and "Bucky & Premieres" ("Firewater")

A Detroit 1950's doo wop group featuring George Bohanon and Alice McLeod (later known as Alice Coltrane). ("When You Are In Love")

The band was formed…

Get Your Baby
The Premiers
Vampi Soul2004
Get Your Baby
The PremiersVampi Soul2004