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The Madcaps

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The Madcaps

The Madcaps was first played on NTS on 5 October 2018. Songs played include Night Train.

The Madcaps are a garage pop/rock band from Rennes, in western France, formed in 2013 by singer/guitarist Thomas Dahyot. The band recorded an untitled EP consisting of 4 tracks which were largely the result of songs written by Dahyot over the summer of 2013. The early 2014 release on niche Parisian label Howlin' Banana garnered some early positiveFrench pressFrench.

Forming the group around other musicians from the tight-knit Rennes music community, the band initially comprised Kaviar Special guitarist Vincent Henri; bass player and former Bumble Bees bandmate Glen Millar, with…

Night Train
The Madcaps
Night Train
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