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Moderate Rebels

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Moderate Rebels

Moderate Rebels has been played on NTS in shows including Hot Mess, featured first on 7 January 2018. Songs played include When The Cost Has No Value.

There are multiple projects by this name:

1) Anti Music Collective - - Everyday Life Recordings - - contact

2) From the Moderate Rebels podcast's website: Moderate Rebels is a political podcast hosted by journalists Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton. Each week, we report on America’s bellicose foreign policy and the deceptions deployed to sell it to the public. We also connect the dots to show how the state of perpetual war fuels dangerous right-wing politics back home.

Max Blumenthal…

When The Cost Has No Value
Moderate Rebels
Everyday Life Recordings2017
When The Cost Has No Value
Moderate RebelsEveryday Life Recordings2017