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Government Alpha

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Government Alpha

Government Alpha has been played on NTS in shows including PAN, featured first on 8 October 2018. Songs played include Twisting Other Side.

Yasutoshi Yoshida a.k.a Government Alpha is one of the hottest and harshest of the young Japanese artists looking to fill the shoes of the old-timers like Hijokaidan, Merzbow, Incapacitants, Masonna and so on. Government Alpha stands out above the heap of noise coming out of Japan. His label Xerxes has released countless cassettes and CD-rs from artists like Facialmess, Napalmed, Skin Crime, OVMN, Knurl, S.Isabella, Lasse Marhaug, T.A.D.M., Astro, Kapotte Muziek and many more.

"Apart from a few seconds of light relief at…

Twisting Other Side
Contagious Orgasm, Government Alpha
Twisting Other Side
Contagious Orgasm, Government AlphaSSSM2006