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Raymond Lefèvre

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Raymond Lefèvre

Raymond Lefèvre has been played on NTS in shows including High Noon w/ Dina J, featured first on 16 March 2018. Songs played include Jo (1971).

Raymond Lefèvre (born November 20, 1929 in Calais, France), true name Raymond Lefèbvre is a French easy listening orchestra leader, arranger and composer.

He is best known for his 1968 theme Soul Coaxin' (Ame Caline), which became an international hit. He also wrote soundtracks for movies with Louis de Funès like La Soupe Aux Choux (1981) or the series of legendary Le Gendarme De Saint Tropez. During late 1950s and early '60s he accompanied Dalida on most of her recordings…

Jo (1971)
Raymond Lefèvre
Play Time2012
Jo (1971)
Raymond LefèvrePlay Time2012