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Stephen Philips

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Stephen Philips

Stephen Philips has been played on NTS in shows including, featured first on 27 October 2018. Songs played include Rising Fog (Stephen Philips Remix).

Multi-instrumentalist Stephen Philips has been a musician for almost 30 years. He founded Dark Duck Records in the late 80's. His fascination with the vast space of ambient music and an interest in the godfathers of ambient (Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, John Cage, etc.) led him into full-on experimentation with ambient music and an indepth study of the history, roots, and methods of ambient music composition. His music places a strong emphasis on time and place, desiring…

Rising Fog (Stephen Philips Remix)
Lucette Bourdin (Stephen Philips mix)
Dark Duck Records2017
Rising Fog (Stephen Philips Remix)
Lucette Bourdin (Stephen Philips mix)Dark Duck Records2017